We all know damn well that eating a spoonful of sugar helps that medicine go down, and taking chocolates and candies makes us feel great. But we don't like to hear about the adverse outcomes of taking excess sugar. Sure! You want to eat all you can get hold of, but you ought to worry about your health. You should be very conscious of the consequences of sugar in your body. It's all right to be worried. 

Since being a kid at home with mom and in pre-elementary school with your childhood friends, you had always wanted to take chocolates every day. And I am pretty sure you get cautioned about the level of sugar in candies, too. Your dad might have regulated your chocolate after Halloween or insisted on a no-soda diet. As young people, your parents and teacher taught us that too much sugar is bad for us. 

But someday, we get to grow up into adolescents and adults. Then, we have to choose what we eat without restrictions. Almost instantly, sugary foods become our daily cravings. And a way to keep ourselves cool. 

So what's up with sugar intake? The real deal is to understand why we were cautioned about eating chocolates and candies as kids. As adults, sugar gets to be any less bad for us, anyway.

It's easier to overindulge in sugar consumption if you don't know why and how it's terrible for you. So, let's get some points straight! Here are the five significant reasons sugar is bad for you.


Yeah! We are told to avoid sugar, but why should we? There is just an entire pack of reasons. Too much sugar causes these health problems, to list a few.

· Diabetes

· Inflammation of the liver

· High blood pressure 

· Weight gain

· Heart attack

You can now understand why excess sugar is too bad for you. Don't allow sugar to ground you and shorten your life span. You are too precious to suffer from a chronic disease.


Hey! You sure know what we are talking about?. Every day, you add sugar to your coffee, tea, and medications because you can't stand to drink them without sugar. You would like to take more and more each day. You've got to cut it; it's not good for you.


Sugar is not that good for your health because it rarely improves your well-being. The Harvard School of Health has discovered that an average American consumes 22 teaspoons of added sugar a day, amounting to extra 350 calories. So, when you take so many sweetened foods, you are likely going to have obesity. 


It's okay to take fruits that contain natural sugar. But what drives me crazy in our modern age is that sugar is almost in everything we eat. From pasta sauces, salad dressing, cake icing to fruit juices, sugar hides everywhere.


Take it or leave it; sugar affects how you live and feel daily. It impacts your mental wellness. Too much sugar, when it becomes habitual, causes imbalances in your brain's chemicals which can cause anxiety, depression, and social withdrawal. 

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